You have healed…

When it doesn’t hurt as much as it used to.

When you don’t care like you once did.

When a day goes by without it stabbing you in the heart or poking you in the brain.

When you let it go without having to tell yourself to let it go.

When you know you’ve moved forward and made progress.

When you know this path is a marathon and not a sprint…and you can live with that pace. (Thanks, Tracy.)

When what they did or what they said or what they meant doesn’t matter anymore.

When you can hear that song and not fall apart.

When you can hear that song and actually smile.

When you feel grateful for what happened, despite the pain.

When you feel grateful for the pain.

When you know the reason it all happened.

When you know how much better and stronger you are for all of it.

When you make different decisions next time.

When you take a different path next time.

When you have a different answer next time.

When forgiveness comes easier.

When compassion comes easier.

When loving yourself comes easier.

When you know you are not broken.

When you shine instead of hiding. When you hold your head up instead of cowering. When you’ve faced what needed to be faced.

When, in this very moment, you are OK. When it is all OK. When OK is all you need. Right now. 

…you have healed.