I am totally free. Utterly and completely. And you know what? You are, too.

Make money however you choose.

Complain about the current way you make money, knowing full well you can change that way.

You can complain. Period.

You can decide to stop listening to others complain.

Name your kids whatever you choose.

You can drive to work. You can walk up or down the stairs in your house to work. You can skip to work for all I care.

Support any political candidate you wish.

Walk into a store and buy plush towels, a comfy blanket, new underwear, a full tube of toothpaste.

You can eat meat. After you buy it freely in the store. Or you can decide you don’t want to eat meat. Not today, maybe. Not ever again, perhaps.

Wake when you want, go to sleep when you want, take a nap if you wish.

Drink beer. Or wine. Or water. Or nothing at all.

Stare into space. Walk on the beach. Stroll in the park. Go in circles.

Buy it online. Maybe on Amazon. Or get it at the library. Or pop into Barnes & Noble.

Buy the car that works for you. 5-seater. 7-seater. 9-seater. Whatever-seater. Fill it up with gas when you get close to empty. Freely use your credit card. Complain about the price of gas, no matter what the price of gas is.

Drink your coffee at Starbucks. Or at Dunkin. Or at home in your Keurig. Or decide you’re giving up coffee. Quit caffeine. Or don’t.

You can have as few or as many kids as you wish. You can stop when you want. You can decide never to start. You can use birth control. Or not.

Marry whomever you choose. Don’t marry anyone. Divorce if you so choose. Move on. Stay there. Complain about being stuck. Leap into what’s next. Your choice.

Get a dog. Or a cat. Or both. A fish. A bird. Some rodent-type thing. Or no animals.To go with your no kids. Or your many kids. Or your 1.7 kids.

Watch mindless TV. Complain about said mindless TV.

Stay home. Go out. Do both. 

Write a July 4th post about freedom on July 5th. (Like me.)

Live on a farm. In a gated community. In a condo. On a boat. The big city. The boonies. The ‘burbs.

Worship any god of your choosing. Or, you can decide there is no god worthy of your belief.

You are so fucking free it would make the heads of less-free people spin (and it does). I’d tell you to stop complaining about minor things (all of which you have the freedom to change) but you are free to do that to.

You are free. People who don’t have it would kill or die for it. And they do.

You are free. Don’t waste it.