I looked up the word “enough” in my tattered Webster’s online and here is what I found:

“adequate for the want or need; sufficient for the purpose or to satisfy desire. Synonyms: amply, adequately, reasonably.”

Being the word nerd that I am, I was particularly intrigued by the synonyms. The same word can have similar meanings to ample, adequate and reasonable? Which means that enough is, in fact, truly enough? (And maybe even more than enough?)


The interchangeability reminded me of those Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books: You have the power to decide what enough means for you, each and every time.

Is it ENOUGH? You decide:

Your goodness. Your self-worth. The way you love yourself.

The way someone who isn’t nice or doesn’t have your best interests at heart treats you.

The self-judging bullshit that you aren’t _____ enough (good, thin, smart, fun, chipper, physically attractive, rich, happy — and about a million more).

How much you can get done or accomplish in one day, one week, one year.

The amount of time you’ve put off starting that thing you’ve dreamed of starting.

How long you have put up with someone else’s disrespect or  mistreatment of you.


Enough is about letting go, letting go of perfect, of more, of maybe it needs to be different. Letting go is about no longer pining away for something else, even and especially when we have no freakin’ idea what that something else is anyway.

Enough is about recognizing we already have everything we need inside. Enough is about knowing that the mess we make is not a reflection, but an indication. Of action, of creativity, of movement, of, yes, love.

Enough is, perhaps, one of the only things we do actually need more of: So next time the recipe you think you need to follow calls for “perfect” or “flawless,” why not substitute a pinch of “enough” and see what happens?