Lately, I have been starting my day with one word.

During my quiet time first thing in the morning (for those of you with little kids, you will have that again someday!), I get real still and wait for the word to come to me. The right one always does. And when it does, that word becomes a sort of theme or mantra for me throughout the day. I love this practice as it is both simple and profound. It also does not require me to sit still for 30 minutes and focus on my breathing and wonder what I am doing wrong.

Today’s word came to me before I even tried to get today’s word.

Today’s word is EMERGE.

Emerge: To come forth into view or notice, as from concealment or obscurity


Many of us go through periods (some self-induced, as mine are) of concealment or obscurity. We hide. From ourselves. From the world. From our power. Perhaps from the truth. But we are not meant to hide forever. No, we are meant to un-conceal and de-obscure ourselves. We were meant to shine, to shine our light on others and, in turn, to bask in theirs. 

Emerge: To come forth.

Honoring our need for periods of obscurity is so important. Yes, being still is important. Sometimes we stop entirely. We rest. We may hang out in The Lull. We honor ourselves through honoring that time and space away and apart. And yet, we aren’t meant to stay still forever. We gather our acorns for the winter, hibernate through the cold and we wait it out. We anticipate. We know the spring is coming. Sometimes we seek glimmers of the sun. Other times we put on sunglasses and try to avoid the glare. But we know it is coming and in many ways, it is coming just for us. It is only a matter of time. 

And when we are ready, when we see our signs of spring (or, perhaps, we make our own signs), we move forward. Sometimes we take that first step, perhaps hesitatingly. Other times, we are shot out of a cannon into that sunlight.

The speed isn’t important. The fear isn’t even important. What matters is the direction. The forward motion. The hope that is inherent in the action of taking action.

We come forth.

We emerge.

What about YOU? What is your word for today and why?