Sometimes, when I find myself in a not-so-desirable business situation (usually the kind I might view as a “teachable moment” somewhere down – way down – the road), I am quick to chastise myself for “doing business like a woman.”

Inevitably, I find something to take issue with with, well, myself. And more often than not, it is something that I relate back to being a woman and continuing to do business too much like a woman.

Yea….I said it.

Oftentimes, I think doing business like a woman can be a big mistake. (Yea, I said it again.) I try mightily, though not often successfully, to follow the lead of men in business.

Probably the #1 reason (or at least mine) for unnecessary misunderstandings, failed plans, miscommunications and all-around snafus in the world of business is failing to follow this most important rule:

Don’t take anything personally. Nothing. Nuthin. Nada. It’s never about you. It’s them. Their issue, their business goal, their pressure, their needs. It works or it doesn’t, it fits or it doesn’t – don’t stress over it and move on.

Which leads me to the next rule to follow when trying to stop doing business like a woman:

Get over it. Remember when you tossed and turned night after night wondering why do-and-so in junior high school/high school didn’t like you as much you liked him? Well, this is not school and so-and-so has nothing to do with your client.

Chances are your client (or potential client) likes you just fine. They have other priorities right now. If you can remember it’s not personal (see rule #1 above), then you can likely get over these things much easier and faster.

Get out of the game. (And try not to get into it in the first place!) I have had (Who am I kidding? I have one I’m dealing with right now!) issues with potential clients who, instead of focusing on business play silly games and waste my time.

Ask questions…of yourself. Is what you are doing right now directly building your business and/or creating/generating revenue? If not, why are you doing it?

Be a “Chatty Cathy” on your own time. I have found myself time and again shooting the you-know-what with great women I meet during the course of any business day. Women are great. All of us! And we are great at talking with, understanding and relating to women we don’t even know.

But…..this kind of conversation (which I love…) has its place. And too much of it takes away from what you are trying to do: RUN A BUSINESS!

Which leads me to my next rule:

Remember why you are in business. Stick to business. Don’t play games. Don’t take it personally – because when you do not abide by some or any of these rules, you are wasting time.

Wasting time means you are not making money. Sometimes we woman are so busy trying to please and be nice that we think wanting to make money is crass or a by-product.


Not making money means that you are not running or being part of a business, and not running or being part of your or any business means you are not fulfilling your vision.

Wasting time and putting your amazing energy into nonsense will yield lots more of the same…nonsense.