(Note: This was written last week in the midst of the Inauguration hoopla. There is no political message here….read this for what I hope is the message behind it.)

As I write this week’s letter, most of us in the U.S. are focused on the Inauguration of a new President.

President Obama’s campaign – and indeed, all of the unprecedented support and love he’s received and been shown by millions of Americans – has been based on the hope and promise of one thing…CHANGE.

People who want, need and/or seek change are looking for what they believe to be the best means to that change. In this case, the majority of Americans felt Obama represented that for them.

And these voters are not unlike your target market. Your target market is made of people and businesses (which are really just people, too) looking for a solution, for change. If they didn’t have a problem or seek something new or different, they wouldn’t be in the market for what you are offering in the first place. If the majority of Americans had felt that they didn’t want or need change, they may have voted differently.

If you are in business, you are selling something. Whatever that “something” is — a product, service, your expertise – the person who buys it must be seeking a solution and your copywriting, your message, needs to do its job in showing that your “thing” will indeed solve their problem and in that process, will give them what they need and want – efficiency, love, peace, more money, etc.

Obama was successful because he was clear in his message and he “spoke the language” of his target market, a market he realized early-on needed, wanted, CRAVED change.

Take a look at your message and your copy: Is it speaking the language of your target market?