Sometimes that is all you can do.

Because you have tried everything else.

The tricks. The tips. The advice. The expertise. The expert. The system. That person who knows. The solution. The answer.

Even the magic pill.

You tried it all.

And it didn’t work. Nothing worked.

You had faith each time. You thought, This is it. This is the thing that will work. This time it is different.

This relationship is different.

This conversation is different.

This job is different. This client is different.

This diet is different.

This project is different.

This schedule is different.

This approach is different.

But it isn’t different. It wasn’t different. Damnit, it’s all still the same. You are still the same. 

What, now?

Go ahead and cry.

That’s all you can do.

It’s free. And freeing.

It makes you stronger. Not weaker. Stronger.

So let it all out. C’mon, let that shit out.

Go ahead, get down and dirty. Sniffly and snotty. The more the better.

Have a good cry for me. For you.

Then, get up and try it again.