Take baby steps.”

“Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

“Go with your gut.”

“Be patient. It will all happen in good time.”

“You already know the answer(s).”


Any of this advice sound familiar? It sure does to me. I get it a lot. Heck, I give  it a lot.

And all of it is sound advice. Legit.

Cliched, yet with good reason, right?

But….well….sometimes it just doesn’t seem like enough.

Like, what if I do want to build Rome in a day or I don’t feel like being patient anymore? What if I have had enough of waiting? What if I don’t know how to live while waiting, and what if I don’t yet get that sometimes we are so busy waiting that we forget to live?

Waiting is all about seeing what is next. Analyzing, all the while, what already happened. Waiting is so not about The Now. And as we all know, The Now is where life happens. The Now is where our power lies. The Now is where whatever we are going to create, enjoy, imagine or come up with is born. Miss The Now and you miss, well, it all.

But, man oh man, how do we live in The Now when The Future seems so uncertain? Or when shit that went down in The Past is still so fresh in our minds?

If The Now is a great ‘ole crossroads, how on earth can we embrace it and be ok with the baby steps when all we want is to get off that crazy road and onto something that more closely resembles The Right Path?

While we are on the subject of that crazy road with all the traffic whizzing by us (those are, we suppose, all the other people who have all their stuff figured out and are busy and moving along their merry and purpose-driven ways),  the question becomes, is it better to keep moving or to stay still when we have no clue what the best next step for ourselves should be? Don’t we get run over if we just stand there? (I think Will Rogers said that one.) On the other hand, isn’t moving just for moving’s sake a huge mental and physical drain that ultimately helps us not at all?

Do you?

Don’t you?

Will you?

Have you?

Move or not move? Giant steps or baby steps? Talk less, do more. Wait it out. Keep going. Stay still. Turn left. Turn right. Say yes to everything. Learn to say no.The opportunities are all at the crossroads. The crossroads suck. Be still. Surround yourself with people. Be quiet. Keep talking.

Yes. No. I don’t know.

Do you?