As a copywriter, I pay special attention to words, word combinations, meanings and hidden meanings. That’s what I do. Sometimes, I wish I could turn it off, but I actually can’t.

A couple years ago, I met a great woman by the name of Amonda Rose Igoe. She is an amazing trainer/coach for people who want to be better, more confident public speakers. One of the things Amonda Rose taught me, and something I will never forget, is the curse of the word “BUT.”

BUT is a word you shoud banish from your vocabulary. Really. Get rid of it. 

Because any time you or someone you are reading or speaking with uses the word, you (or they) are basically saying “Disregard everything I have said until this word, just ignore it, pretend it was never said.” You are negating everything you said or thought prior to the word. 

It’s like when my kids say “No offense, but…” — you know something kind of offensive statement or question is coming along.

You may want to use “however” or even re-frame your thought altogether. You will be floored at how much more specific and meaningful your writing and/or conversation becomes.

And the more you avoid BUT, the more sensitive you will become to it in conversation. Those of you who know me well and have followed me for some time know I am pretty flexible when it comes to words and word choices — let the situation dictate the language — so for me to dedicate this blog post to the sins of BUT means I think the word stinks!