One Minute Copywriter

When it comes to copywriting, I don’t believe you need to “do” complicated or difficult or frustrating. That’s why I wrote this book…to give you simple, doable, real one-minute chunks of how-to copywriting information and action steps that will bring your copy and your sales to a whole new level.

Oh and by the way, there is no magic to it. There is no super-secret system. You actually have to do the work and take the time and write the words.


“Wow, I am such a fan of breaking things down into easy chunks and this takes the cake. You make it so simple to just write the thing and get it done. Thank you!”

“I loved following this system, I feel like it was made for the way my mind works.”

“Someone who just called to potentially do business with me specifically mentioned that he was impressed by my website copy, so I told him to buy your book!”