Ahhhhh….change. It’s what keeps us moving, going and growing.

And it’s also what scares the you-know-what out of so many of us.

And yet, of course, when I think of all times I have broken through or gotten where I really wanted to be (from where I kind of didn’t want to be), I see it was because I overcame my personal tendency to feel safer with what I know and leapt anyway.

I honestly can’t think of a time I failed spectacularly just because I took a scary leap. (And yet, it is the fear of that failure that keeps so many of us, myself included, stuck in our own “what ifs”!).

Does your marketing reflect a same-old-same-old approach or is it dynamic, relevant and updated regularly? Be honest about your answer. Just because something once worked, doesn’t mean it will always work (and of course, change simply for change’s sake doesn’t make a whole lot of sense either).

No matter how you slice it and how you arrive there, you should always be asking yourself why you are doing what you are doing (whether in marketing or in some other area of your business…or life), how well (or not) it’s working and how you could continue to make it better for yourself, your team and your potential client.

As my kids’ karate instructor always tells them, the biggest room in the world is “room for improvement” – and change is the best way to continue to fill that room positively and effectively.

Note: This letter was written earlier in the week and while it seems to be well-timed with the election results, the change connection is coincidence — though it makes me seem quite relevant!