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Sometimes, people ask me for information, advice or quotes in areas such as marketing, copywriting, blogging, working from home, working moms and social media. Then they write, blog, tweet and talk about it. (And sometimes I just write about it myself for them and for their audiences.)

Major Media

Wall Street Journal
Blog It And They May Come

Inc. Magazine
Me Want Cash Up Front: Getting Customers To Prepay

Take Your Startup Viral: These entrepreneurs grew their businesses by teaching others the tricks of their trade. You can, too.

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The Street

Fortune Small Business / CNNMoney
It’s All About Presentation

Christian Science Monitor
Meet The Fake Steve Jobs

12 Great Tales Of De-Friending

Ragan Communications
Should You Ghostwrite A Blog For The CEO?

Writers Digest
Bidding War: Are Freelance Sites Helpful To Professional Writers?

OC Register
Maximizing Your Tweetups, Vegas-Style

Blogs, Newspapers, Magazines, Online Communities
5 Questions With Allison Nazarian

The Confident Copywriter
Allison Nazarian’s Copywriting Secret

Tech Squeeze
Do You Really Need A Copywriter?

Job Mob
47 Twitter Power Users’ Secrets To Getting Many Followers

Matador Life
Busy Twitter Parents Share Hints, Tips & Tricks To Find Balance In Life

Writing On The Web
How To Use Content Marketing To Attract, Sell And Profit Online

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