Each and every one of us needs down time. To chill, relax, stop.

To be. Not to do.

There is no fancy app for it or any technology that can handle it. No one else can do it for us.

You may know it’s time, but yet you still go, go, go. It’s never enough, you never are doing enough. What would others think of us if we slowed down or (gasp!) stopped?

So instead of doing less, we do more. We don’t rest. We laugh at resting. We are scared of resting. Whatever the opposite of resting is (doing, accomplishing, rushing), that defines us. Losing that definition scares us. That fear moves us. Not to rest, but to do more. Nothingness scares us. An empty list and empty hours scare us.

Rest matters. Mental rest, emotional rest, physical rest. To-do list rest. Plans rest. Social life rest. Work rest.

Everything rest.

So…without our doing, what are we?


But…we refuse to do nothing. To be nothing.

Resting seems too much like waiting. Or stalling. Or stopping. Or going against everything we hold important.

It may take something big to change our non-resting ways. Maybe a wake-up call to remind us what matters. Perhaps we get sick. Or something gives out. Or family or friends tell us it’s just too much. Or all that hard work doesn’t pay off, doesn’t make us any happier or richer or more respected. Or what seemed worth it before just doesn’t seem worth it anymore.

The thing you seek with all the doing? It isn’t there where you seek it. It isn’t found in the way you seek it.

It is somewhere else, somewhere you may be afraid of.

It is in the nothingness.

Nothingness is where your everything is found.

Out of the nothingness is born what you really seek, what you are striving for. Maybe the quiet, the stillness, the seeming purposeless-ness scares the hell out of you.

Maybe you will decide to seek it out anyway.

Maybe, just maybe, everything can change.

Try it. I am.