Today Is The Day (And Other Stories I Tell Myself)

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Every day I wake up and think “This is it. Today is the day it will be different. Today, things will change.” Then I start to think (sometimes I list on paper) all of the things I am going to complete that day. Some are Big Idea things. 
 Some are errand-y things.
Some are carry-over things from the day before …

Quit Your Whining (Or, Why I Have No Patience For Writer’s Block)

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I always hated the term “Writer’s Block” because it isn’t a block and has nothing to do with blockage. What it is, actually, is a reason, a back story, a blah-blah-blah. What it is is an excuse. Or multiple excuses. I always hated the term because I hate excuses. I hate to make them and I hate to hear them. …

Are We There Yet?

Allison Nazarian Life Lessons, Real Life, The Life of Allison

“Are we there yet?” We are always here. Right here. Right now. We are never actually “there” because once we get “there,” then “there” is “here” and by then, we are looking forward already to the next “there.” Confusing? Yea, I know. In my favorite movie of all time, Almost Famous, the main character, 15-year-old William, is hired by Rolling …

My Tank Is Empty

Allison Nazarian Life Lessons, Real Life, The Life of Allison

In the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, the never-seen father of Cameron, Ferris’ best friend, keeps a gorgeous classic 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California under virtual lock-and-key in the garage. The car is his pride and joy, something he cares for more lovingly than, we can assume, he does his own son. A key part of the movie’s story is …