Lately I have been going out of my way to go out of my way. Going straight when I usually turn right. Saying “yes” to something I may have said “no” to the past eight times in a row. Eating meat for breakfast (that’s a whole other story…). Deciding to laugh instead of be annoyed […]


I try to live in the moment. Connect with my breath. Come back to now. Leave the past behind, let the future unfold on its own. Sometimes I am able to do all of this. I feel peaceful and serene because I’m doing things “right.” And sometimes, I am utterly unable to do any of […]


Read this profile on my upcoming book on “3Gs,” or grandchildren of Holocaust survivors. Reporter Matt Lebovic did a beautiful job of bringing together all of the components of my story, and of the larger story of my generation and three generations in the aftermath of the Holocaust.  <– P.S. The picture they used was […]


Your miracle. It’s coming. Even when you don’t see it or a hint of its light. It’s on its way. And there isn’t much you have to do to make sure it finds its way to you. That’s part of the miracle, like it knows. It’s hard to remember, when things seem shitty or off-course […]

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You cannot do everything today.  Period. You cannot finish it all. You cannot be everything to everyone. And despite what you expect from yourself, you cannot go at a super-human pace without taking a breath. Not today, and probably not tomorrow, either. But you can do one thing today. And then one thing after that, […]

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“By letting it go it all gets done” ~ Lao-Tzu There is letting go. And then there is LETTING GO. The kind that frees you to your soul. The kind that came about from baby steps but feels like the most massive, unimaginable progress. The kind that came about from forgiving, most of all of […]



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You have healed… When it doesn’t hurt as much as it used to. When you don’t care like you once did. When a day goes by without it stabbing you in the heart or poking you in the brain. When you let it go without having to tell yourself to let it go. When you […]


Yes, that is the truth. I have a really nice smile. Beautiful, in fact. People I don’t know tell me this fairly regularly. In fact, I am told this in the majority of instances in which I am connecting with someone face-to-face, and smiling. I don’t do a ton of each, and I would imagine […]

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In this series, guests write their answer to the question “What’s Your Story?” Their story can be about a moment in time, an entire life — or anything in-between. If you are interested in contributing YOUR story, let me know. I was so small. But I had an idea that motivated me to action: Freshly […]

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You may not have all the answers. You may have no answers. Many questions, though. But no answers. You may not know what you thought should have been known by now. You may look around you and feel like everyone else knows. (They so don’t.) You may wonder when it will be your turn to […]